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The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

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So it is here, the closing day. 🔹Today’s special lecturer was Cai Fang, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who spoke about the development of China and the new economic trends. Two weeks full of excitement, new information, interesting lectures, and also new friendships that maybe will last forever… A great thanks goes to all of our participants, who have chosen the AJSS this summer. We hope that you had a great time with us, and you will take advantage of the knowledge gained here in your professional life 😉 #SafeJourneyHome #AlreadyMissYou #AJSS2018 #ajsummerschool #akjc #thankyou # #VisegradFund #day11
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Only one day left from the 2018 instalment of #AJSS, and, as usually, we were curious about our participants’ knowledge and the things they learnt while attending the programmes. The first part of the day was dedicated to the final exam which included questions about all the topics discussed. It was a hard exam, but we are proud of our participants! 🔹During the Alumni Talks Series, which was launched last year, five of our alumni members delivered a presentation about their research: – Sylwia Katarzyna Mazur from University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Waldes Müller from Fakulta politických vied a medzinárodných vzťahov UMB, Zoltán Kelemen BCE Társadalomtudományi Kar - CUB Faculty of Social Sciences, Michal Demo from Košický kraj - plný inšpirácie, and Csaba Gondola from Debreceni Egyetem 🔹This was followed by an interesting discussion moderated by Peter Dobrowiecki, Head of the EU-V4 Office of the Antall József Tudásközpont, about the Hungarian and Slovak V4 presidencies, and that what kind of perspectives these countries have about V4. The Hungarian presidency was evaluated by András Máté Lázár from Magyarország Kormánya who also mentioned some other ongoing projects within the cooperation. Another busy day behind us 😊👍 #AJSS2018 #ajsummerschool #AJSSalumni #migration #eurozone #UStrade #RuleOfLaw #EU #US #V4presidency #Visegrad #day10
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- Sylwia jesteś na ABS conference?
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- Proud of all of you guys! Go Sylwia Katarzyna Mazur! #girlpower
#SecurityPolicy is challenge for each country and each leadership. That is why a whole day was devoted to this crucial topic during AJSS. 🔹Our participants today got insight into the thrilling world of hybrid and #CyberThreats with the help of Dániel Joós, security policy expert. 🔹Vít Strítecky from Univerzita Karlova held a very interesting presentation about #ArtificialIntelligence and deep learning technologies. The rest of the day were the participants actively involved in various workshops, beginning with 🔹the first on #fakenews under the guidance of Elisabetta Recher from University of Glasgow Antall József Tudásközpont, and later in 🔹 a cyber-attack simulation with the expert on the topic, Dr Haim Assa Simlab Tel Aviv University - Global TAU. At the end of this interactive day, we can conclude that all of us got enriching experiences❗🙂👌 #AJSS2018 #cybersecurity #workshop #technology #science #VisegradFund #day9
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Monday was devoted to a variety of topics❗ 🔹 We started with Adam Reichardt from New Eastern Europe, Tomas Strazay from Slovak Foreign Policy Association and Łukasz Janulewicz from Center for European Neighborhood Studies - CENS, who were discussing the future possibilities of the Three Seas Initiative and the role of the V4 in such regional partnerships. 🔹 With Matus Misik from Katedra politologie FiF UK v Bratislave, we focused on energy security and the ways in which energy security influences the foreign strategies of the V4 countries. 🔹With Vincze Loránt from FUEN - Federal Union of European Nationalities, we discussed the current language-rights-related issues in the CEE region. 🔹 From Caitlin Jones from UK in Hungary, Theo Rycroft from Foreign Office, and John O’Sullivan from Danube Institute, we could get first-hand information about the impact of Brexit on the V4. We are really proud of our participants, who actively contribute to the discussions, ask excellent questions, and share their ideas with the speakers. Excellent day behind us and so many interesting activities are still waiting for us❗ #AJSS2018 #ajsummerschool #ThreeSeas #V4 #cooperation #EnergySecurity #minority #rights #Brexit #day8
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Saturday = History time = Fun time 😉 We had a perfect trip to #Visegrad🏰 today, where the summit of leaders from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland was held on 15 February 1991 – a crucial moment in the history of the #V4. We can attest that Visegrád today is wonderful, the view of the Danube bend is overwhelming! By the way, we had much fun also with the medieval sets 😎✌☀ #AJSS2018 #ajsummerschool #triptime #funtime #feelinggood #VisegradFund #day6
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Another intensive day of #AJSS 🙂 🔹We started our day with a thought-provoking presentation of Dr Katarzyna W Sidlo | CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research who was talking about the main challenges in the #MENAregion and EU’s strategy towards these countries. 🔹Fiala-Butora János from MTA TK Politikatudományi Intézet, Michal Vasecka from Masarykova univerzita/Bratislava Policy Institute, and Alessandro D'Onofrio from Antall József Tudásközpont discussed perspectives of minority communities living in the #EU with special focus on minorities living in #CEEregion. 🔹Péter Balázs from Center for European Neighborhood Studies - CENS, Zuza Stuchlíková from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, and Ildiko Voller-Szenci from Antall Centre - Brussels Office Antall József Tudásközpont held a very interesting panel about #Euroscepticism. 🔹Ildiko Voller-Szenci made us acquainted with the work of the Antall Centre in Brussels and explained why it is important for #V4 to stay visible in the EU and how organisations like #AJKC can help in it. #AJSS2018 #EUstrategy #challenge #minority #Europe #perspective #confidencecrisis #ajkcbrussels #visibilityinEU #day5
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We are multicultural! We are curious about each other’s country! We love other countries’ delicacies 😊🧀🍫🍘🥨 #AJSS2018 #MulticulturalEvening #Armenia #Azerbaijan #Belarus #CzechRepublic #China #Estonia #Macedonia #Georgia #Greece #Hungary #Italy #Moldova #Poland #Slovenia #Turkey #Ukraine
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What is better than starting the day with a movie? By watching the documentary🎥‘József Antall, the Unknown’, the #AJSS participants got a glimpse of the person the programme they are taking part in is named after. Today’s panel discussion was also thought-provoking with many-many questions at the end from our participants’ side.👍 Special thanks goes to Antoaneta Ivanova from Western Balkans Fund, Christina Griessler from Andrássy Universität Budapest, Lucas Maximilian Schubert from Fondacija Konrad Adenauer Beograd, Naim Leo Beširi from Institut za evropske poslove, and Horvát Dianna from the Antall József Tudásközpont. Finishing the day with a visit to the #HungarianParliament🏛also gave us unforgettable experiences. #AJSS2018 #WesternBalkans #EU #Berlin #exciting #AJKC #VisegradFund #day4
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What a day today❗ Outstanding Central European experts of #EastAsia discussed all the most important issues and questions regarding #V4 and Asian relations. Thank you all the speakers and moderators for these fruitful discussions❗ We learned a lot❗ Those who made this possible: 🔸Panel I: Justyna Szczudlik from Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych - PISM, Rudolf Fürst from Institute of International Relations Prague / Ústav mezinárodních vztahů, Ágnes Szunomár from Magyar Tudományos Akadémia - MTA - hivatalos oldal, and Baranyi Tamás from Antall József Tudásközpont 🔸Panel II: Richard Q. Turcsanyi from Stratpol - Strategic Policy Institute, Dragana Mitrovic from Univerzitet u Beogradu, Tamas Matura from Central and Eastern European Center for Asian Studies, Máté Szakáli from Pázmány Bölcsészet- és Társadalomtudományi Kar - PPKE BTK 🔸Panel III: András Bartók from Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem, Lucia Husenicova from Fakulta politických vied a medzinárodných vzťahov UMB, and Zsolt Csepregi from Antall József Tudásközpont #AJSS2018 #china #economy #balance #visegradfund #CEUperspective #relations #day3
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After some icebreakers at today’s very interactive workshop, the Chairman Tomáš Madleňák Junior Research Fellow of Slovak Foreign Policy Association showed us how negotiations take place in the #EuropeanCouncil by simulating a decision point at which representatives from the member states need to resolve Macedonia’s accession to the #EU🇪🇺 Pros and cons for future integration were listed, needed reforms and challenges were clearly pointed out – agreement settled ➡ the #AJSSparticipants are real professionals❗ And how to get to know Budapest the best❓ With an exciting and funny guided tour where everybody discovers the hidden secrets of the city 🏙😎🌞👍 #AJSS2018 #negotiation #V4 #experts #exciting #bdpst #day2
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