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The Antall József Knowledge Centre and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary cordially invite you to the public lecture of Rolandas Kačinskas, Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, entitled: Is this the New Normal? A Lithuanian perspective on the nature of current international affairs, how we got there, and what it means for our common future if we come to accept the New Normal The lecture is to be followed by a discussion moderated by Tamás Péter Baranyi, Head of Research, Antall József Knowledge Centre. Free entry, but you have to register HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/NJDcR4KqV0nU3zXC3 Time: 17 January 2017 (Tuesday), 2:30pm-4pm Venue: AJKC Lecture Hall (4 Czuczor Street, 1093 Budapest)
Public Lecture - Is this the New Normal?
Are you interested in topics such as big data, artificial intelligence, the future of professions, and new technologies in cancer research? Learn more about #innovation, #research and #development at the Young Leaders' Forum! You can apply to YLF at http://think.bdpst.org/registration/index/youngLeaders. For more information, visit http://think.bdpst.org/youngleaders/information!
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Allow us to introduce you our brand new magazine entitled In Focus. Do you recognise some familiar faces? ;) The very first issue of In Focus, focusing on the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrad Cooperation, has just been published. It is available here: http://www.ajtk.hu/media/In_Focus_I.pdf. See you at the AJSS Alumni Network Meeting in Budapest this summer. Erika Kovácsová Śliwa Małgorzata Lilka G Opinska Sylvie Wn
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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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- Dr Peter Rožič, Professor of Political Science, FDV - Fakulteta za družbene vede (Faculty of Social Sciences), University of Ljubljana : The 25 Years since the Formation of the Slovenian and Croatian States - Katarzyna Sitko, Director, Lengyel Intézet (Polish Institute Budapest): Wroclaw as Cultural Capital of Europe - Jiří Sýkora, Public Relations Coordinator, International Visegrad Fund: The Internation Visegrad Fund - Sylwia Boryka, Project Coordinator, Jagiellonian University: MA in International Studies: Europe from Visegrad Perspective Photo Credit: Adam Polhodzik
AJSS 2016 - Day 9, 14 July
25 weeks ago
MA in International Studies: Europe from Visegrad Perspective - Thank you very much for the great opportunity to be a part of the Antall József Summer School 2016!
- HE Roman Kowalski, Ambassador, Lengyel Nagykövetség Budapesten - Ambasada RP w Budapeszcie (Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Hungary): An Overview of the Polish V4 Presidency - Petr Pirunčik, Foreign Affairs Department, Office of the President of the Czech Republic: The Evaluation of the Czech V4 Presidency - Workshop: How to be Visible in the EU? Drafting a V4 Presidency Agenda Photo Credit: Adam Polhodzik
AJSS 2016 - Day 7, 13 July
It was a great Summer School. Thanks! ❤️
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- Martin Michelot, Head of Research, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy: How Does the Warsaw NATO Summit Address the New Security Environmnet? - Ian Bayless, Staff Officer, Defence Capabilities Section, Defence Policy and Capabilities Directorate, Defence Policy and Planning Division, NATO: Readiness Action Plan - Discussion lead by one of our Students, Beka Kiria - Henrick Slezák, Systems Engineer, Computer Security Incident Response Team Slovakia: The Future of the Central European Cyber Security Platform. Is it an Effective Tool for the V4 Countries and Austria to Combat Cyber Threats? - Photo Credit: Adam Polhodzik
AJSS 2016 - Day 6, 12 July
Joint debate of the #ajss2016 and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Ungarn Summer School on among others whether the present migration crisis poses security challenges, about the quota system. #ajsummerschool #KonradAdenauerStiftungUngar #KASUngarn
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Photo Credit: Adam Polhodzik
AJSS 2016 - Wine tasting