The Knowledge Centre invites a maximum of 50 participants, who are between the age of 18-35.

A scholarship can be offered for students coming from the V4 countries, as well as for participants applying from the countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership.

Furthermore the application is generally open for – MA, Ph.D. – students and young professionals with a university degree in the field of political and social sciences.


Well known – international and Hungarian – academics, diplomats and experts have been invited as lecturers in order to facilitate a praxis-oriented curriculum for students.

Application requirements

- Provide a proof of English proficiency (minimum level of B2 (CEFR) / language certificate),

- Fill in the online application form,

- Submit a letter of recommendation of a relevant academic teacher,

- Submit a letter of motivation and a Curriculum Vitae (each being maximum one-page-long).

Application deadline:
15 June 2013


The Knowledge Centre provides scholarships for participants applying from the following specific European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.

All expenses – participation fee, costs of travel, accommodation and meals – will be reimbursed by the Knowledge Centre. There is only a registration fee of 70 Euros for all participants.

About the Knowledge Centre

The Antall József Knowledge Centre of Political and Social Sciences is a young think tank organization independent of political parties. It was founded in 2010 in cooperation with the Corvinus University of Budapest.

The main vision of the institution is to support the intellectual activities of students, researchers and young professionals as well thus maintaining the political philosophy of Dr. József Antall (1932 – 1993), the first freely-elected Prime Minister of Hungary after the communist era.

The main profile of the Knowledge Centre is talent management which is done in the form of organizing various praxis-oriented educational programs such as workshops, trainings, round-table discussions and conferences. Furthermore, the publication of high quality works in the field of political and social sciences is a key activity of the institution.

About the Summer School

Hoping that it will establish a new tradition of intercultural dialogue, the Knowledge Centre organizes its first international Antall József Summer School between 15 and 26 July 2013 at Corvinus University of Budapest.

The program focuses mainly on the economic, political and cultural relations of the Central European region in general and the Visegrád Countries (V4: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) in particular. The event is appropriately timed since Hungary assumes the rotating Presidency of the Visegrád Group from July 2013. The first Antall József Summer School can be organized due to the support of the Prime Minsiter’s Office of Hungary.

The aim of the Summer School is to provide the international students and young graduates an intensive praxis-oriented two-week-program focusing on the most clearly profiled Central European cooperation. The program enables students to learn more about the Visegrád Cooperation in the form of lectures and workshops held by prominent academics, diplomats and experts.

The lectures will focus, above all, on current economic, foreign and security policy issues as well as on questions regarding national identity and topics related to culture. Furthermore, the future perspectives in particular issues of the V4 Cooperation will be central to the discussion. Beyond providing a high quality educational program, our aim is to boost intercultural dialogue as well as to give an insight for the international students into Hungary as such. For this reason, we organize various trips and accompanying programs (e.g. Rowing race on the River Danube, Gastro-trip, V4 Game, Film Club).

An Overview of the Main Topics

History of the Visegrád Cooperation

V4 & Economic Policy

V4 & Energy Policy

V4 & Foreign and Security Policy

V4 & Culture and Tourism

V4 & Future Perspectives

Each topic will be discussed in form of lectures, as well as in form of workshops. See the detailed program.