The Knowledge Centre invites a maximum of 50 participants, who are between the age of 18-35.

A scholarship can be offered for participants coming from the V4 countries, the member states of the Central European Initiative, as well as the EU’s Eastern Partnership. Furthermore, application is generally open for – MA, PhD – students and young professionals with a university degree in the field of political and social sciences.


Besides national and international experts, the lecturers include dignitaries and diplomats too. With their assistance, our aim is to facilitate a practice-oriented curriculum.

Application requirements

To apply successfully, you have to

- Provide a Proof of English Proficiency (Minimum Level: B2 / Language Certificate Required),
- Fill in the Online Application Form,
- Submit a Letter of Recommendation of a Relevant Academic Teacher (with contact, signed and stamped),
- Submit a Letter of Motivation (maximum one-page long) and a Curriculum Vitae.

Application opens on 1 March 2015

Application Deadline: 1 May 2015


The Knowledge Centre provides scholarships for participants applying from the following European countries: the V4 countries, CEI member states and EaP countries.

As part of the scholarship, the following expenses are covered for those coming from the above-mentioned countries:

- participation fee
- travel – reimbursement upon arrival (please consider the most economic options)
- accommodation (+breakfast)
- lunch
- accompanying programmes

The Summer School is generally open to everyone. Scholarships are also granted to students coming from non-eligible countries. However, their scholarship is different in a way that their costs of travel are not covered.

Please note that scholarships granted automatically upon acceptance. You do not have to apply for them.

There is a registration fee of 80 EUR for all participants.

About the Knowledge Centre

The Antall József Knowledge Centre (AJKC) came into being in the form of a foundation in cooperation with the Corvinus University of Budapest. In 2009, Mrs József Antall announced the establishment of the organisation during the opening ceremony of the József Antall Building in Brussels. The institution is named after Dr József Antall (1932–1993), the first freely elected Prime Minister of Hungary, who served from 1990 to 1993.

The Knowledge Centre is an organisation independent of parties, ideologies and current politics. Its primary objectives are to foster the Antall tradition and promote the spread of knowledge.

Our main mission is to launch programmes which, beyond the theoretical education provided by universities, equip young intellectuals with wide-ranging practical knowledge via conferences, lecture series, trainings and roundtable conversations. Furthermore, the profile of the Knowledge Centre is also characterised by research activities and publications in the field of political and social sciences. Our institution also emphasises the importance of talent scouting and management. Thus, academic work is built on university students in BA and MA programmes, as well as PhD students. AJKC is gradually expanding its international relations, and seeks cooperation with national and international institutions with a similar profile.

About the V4 and CEI Office

The Visegrad Cooperation plays a central role in the life and activities of the Antall József Knowledge Centre, as the very concept of the V4 was penned by József Antall. The aim of the V4 and CEI Office is to organise professional events, publish books and publications through which the V4 Cooperation can be rendered visible and meaningful in the fields of education and research.

The V4 and CEI Office has organised the highly successful Antall József Summer School for two years in a row, as well as the CEI Workshops and the Danube Regatta V4 race. During the 2014 Regatta, rowing teams from the Visegrad Countries faced off against each other. Since the beginning of its operation, the V4 Office has established enduring relations with a number of foreign institutes, such as The Polish Institute of International Affairs, the Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs, the European Academy of Diplomacy, and the Prague Security Studies Institute. In its activities, the V4 and CEI Office cooperate closely with the embassies, cultural institutes and the relevant departments of the foreign ministries of the V4 Countries.

About the Summer School

With the aim of offering a more comprehensive picture of the Central European Region and the Visegrad Cooperation, the Knowledge Centre organises its third international Antall József Summer School between 6 and 17 July 2015 at the Antall József Knowledge Centre.

We aim to provide young participants coming from the V4 countries, the Western Balkan, as well as the Eastern Partnership member states with a cross-border educational programme of high quality that enables them to know more about the most pivotal cooperation of Central Europe. During the twelve days of the event, participants can listen to and attend lectures and seminars in English, which puts under scrutiny the economic, political and cultural relations of the Cooperation, as well as the experiences connected to being an EU member state.

Beyond the transmission of knowledge, our aim is enhance intercultural dialogue. For this reason, we organise various trips and programmes: Visegrád trip, Multicultural Evening, House of Terror Museum, V4 Game, Film Club, exhibitions, etc.

The Antall József Summer School 2015 will heavily focus on the relationship between the Visegrad Countries and the Western Balkan states. The year 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, which put an end to the Balkan Wars.

An Overview of the Main Topics

History of the Visegrád Cooperation

V4 & Economic Policy

V4 & Energy Policy

V4 & Foreign and Security Policy

V4 & Culture and Tourism

V4 & Future Perspectives

V4 & Foreign Trade Relations

Sustainable Development

Each topic will be discussed in form of lectures, as well as in form of workshops. See the detailed program.