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Q: Students or young researchers of which countries are eligible for full scholarship?

A: Students or young researchers with a university degree coming from the V4 countries, as well as the CEI and Eastern Partnership member states are eligible for full scholarship.

Q: What is the difference between the two scholarships offered?

A: In case of those coming from outside the Visegrad region, as well as CEI and Eastern Partnership member states, travel is not covered.

Q: What does a full scholarship cover?

A: It covers travel, accommodation, lunches, public transport, and the accompanying programmes. Please note, however, that it is upon the scholarship holder to cover the expenses of insurances of any kind or the visa application.

Q: Will I receive an official letter of acceptance?

A: Yes, you will. Upon being admitted, we will send you an official letter of acceptance stamped and signed by the statutory representative of the Knowledge Centre?

Q: What kind of clothes shall I bring?

A: For the opening ceremony, please bring formal, elegant clothes with you, while for the rest of the summer school, you may wear causal clothes. Please note that the Visegrad trip will involve a bit of walking, so please bring sneakers with you.

Q: Is it compulsory to attend every lecture?

A: You may miss no more than 3 lectures of the Summer School. If you miss more lectures than the number previously indicated and provide no well-grounded reason for doing so, it will have consequences.