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Antall József Knowledge Centre

Operating since 2010, the Antall József Knowledge Centre (AJKC) is a Budapest-based non-governmental organisation with an educational, publishing, and research profile. The Knowledge Centre’s main objectives, in line with the Antall philosophy, are talent management and providing students and young professionals with wide-ranging practical knowledge through various events. The Knowledge Centre is a think tank conducting research in topics such as the Visegrad Cooperation, the future global role of the US, China, and Russia, the Middle East, security policy, sustainable development, as well as technological and social innovation.

Our institution operates three international offices—dealing with the EU and the V4, the USA, and Asia and Africa—three thematic offices—focusing on security policy, sustainable development, and talent management,—two regional offices in Pécs and Győr, as well as the Brussels Office, all of which are working toward strengthening institutional relations both at the national and international level, developing scholarship and internship programmes, and boosting professional cooperation via international conferences, workshops, and event series.

The publishing activities of AJKC involve releasing professional publications, scientific works on political and social sciences (with special regard to security policy and international relations), as well as university textbooks.

EU-V4 Office

The European Union and the Visegrad Cooperation are one of the cornerstones of the Knowledge Centre’s activities, given the fact that József Antall, the first freely-elected Prime Minister of Hungary who served from 1990 to 1993 and is the namesake of the institution, initiated the revival of the V4 partnership and considered European integration as a factor playing a key role in the future of Hungary.

The EU-V4 Office organises various educational and professional programmes to a wider international audience, including workshops for both students and experts, EU career orientation presentations, and negotiation-simulation competitions. The Office also aims to release books and publications and conduct research that focus on the EU and the V4 Cooperation. Establishing and maintaining good relations with the institutions of the German- and French-speaking countries, as well as building a network that covers all of Europe and all Brussels-based EU institutions are the major objectives of the Office.

Antall József Summer School

Launched in 2013, the Antall József Summer School is a twelve-day programme focusing on one of the most important regional partnerships of Europe, the Visegrad Cooperation. Through traditional and more interactive forms of education, including lectures, workshops, debates, roundtable discussions, and short trainings, the event series, organised annually, provides a profound analysis of the Visegrad Cooperation’s history, economy, energy policy, foreign and security policy, and sustainable development policy, as well as its business and innovation-related activities.

AJSS Alumni Network

The Antall József Summer School is more than a two-week alternative educational programme. As talent management is a crucial part of AJKC’s portfolio, the Antall József Summer School is structured in a way so as to serve this mission, too. Our aim is to support talent and give opportunities to young experts who are keen on developing professionally. The fifth anniversary of the AJSS in 2017 provided us with the chance to establish the AJSS Alumni Society and launch our AJSS Alumni Leadership Programme and the Alumni Leadership Talks Series.

The AJSS Alumni Society is a network of participants of the previous instalments of AJSS. The majority of our former participants are either successful researchers or faculty members at various universities in Europe or North America, or they are building their career in public administration, diplomacy, or the private sector.

The Alumni Leadership Forum is an event organised in every two years to support outstanding former participants in their professional career. Our aim with the programme is to address those academically or professionally advanced former participants who have leadership talent and further aspiration to rise. Also, we aim to develop a hub of talented young experts with high potential, who are dealing in their work with the Visegrad Cooperation and the broader Central and Eastern European region. During the Alumni Leadership Programme, we give them the opportunity to meet important decision makers, develop their leadership skills, and initiate new projects together.

The Alumni Leadership Talks Series is an event organised annually as part of AJSS. Every year, we invite our former participants to attend AJSS as speakers and lecturers and present their results.

Antall József Summer School 2018

New ideas and innovative solutions have always been essential to Europe’s history. In most of the cases, these new approaches have been able to stimulate profound social shifts. Today, the growing numbers of global challenges demand novel paradigms and mind-sets. These usually come from the younger generation, who have many times proved the significance of questioning and reforming the already-existing attitudes. The importance of breaking down taboos has been evidenced by many social transformations in our region, too. The aim of the Opening Ceremony of AJSS 2018 is to bring together current young thinkers who are playing an active role in shaping our common future. Where are we coming from and where are we heading to?

The Summer School in 2018 will examine the Visegrad Cooperation and its regional environment through a variety of perspectives with the help of scholars and internationally-acknowledged senior experts. In partnership with NATO, AJSS will bring together a range of experts on security policies, enabling them to offer an insight and discuss not only the future of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in general, but also the V4’s role in it. The discussions will focus on questions such as the most important current security threats, cyber-security, possibilities of defence cooperation and the biggest challenges of border control. Although AJSS is mainly about the Central European region, we put great emphasis on our wider neighbours as well. The current trends in the V4’s foreign relations and the shifting regional cooperation are of particular importance. During the two weeks of the Summer School, the most significant issues affecting the Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries will be discussed. During their stay in Budapest, participants can learn more about our common Central European intellectual and cultural heritage. AJSS provides several options to experience the Central European way of everyday life, while also encouraging the enhancement of mutual understanding and trust.