Milos Gregor

Researcher, Masaryk University

Miloš Gregor finished his PhD at the Department of Political Science at the Masaryk University in 2017. His doctoral thesis was dedicated to the phenomena of political brands. Besides this, other fields of his professional interest are political marketing and communication in the United States and the Czech Republic. In his work, he also analyses propaganda and manipulative techniques. He is the author or co-author of several academic articles and chapters and has presented his research on prestige international conferences (IPSA in Montreal, ECPR in Granada, Political Marketing Conference in Stockholm, etc.). Also, he is active in the popularisation of political science at high schools, public debates, and the media (e.g. BBC, CNN and other international and national media have reported about the analysis of manipulative techniques). Moreover, he is a supervisor of student projects Zvol si info (Choose Your Info) and Fakescape dedicated to the raising awareness about fake news and teaching high school students media literacy and critical thinking and co-author of the Best Book on Fake News, Disinformation, and Manipulations!!!.

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