Please kindly information that the below information on cookie policy concern the webpage.


Cookies and Cookie Policy

Cookies are files which store information on your web browser.

Cookies, for example, assist a website in recognising whether you have visited it before or help us understand which section of the website is the most popular, as they allow us to see which pages users visit and how much time they spend there. By studying this, we are able to adapt the website to meet your needs, and provide a more diverse user experience. By using cookies, we can make sure that the information appearing upon your next visit to the page will fulfil your expectations (without it personally identifying you).

When you visit our site, technical information that do not personally identify you might be automatically collected. This include, for example, the webpage that directed you to our webpage, the location of the access to the webpage, or searches made on the webpage. The collection of these pieces of information allows us to understand search preferences without using personal data. This pieces of information are only used internally. Please kindly note that anonymous or general data that do not allow for your personal identification do not qualify as personal data.

You may set your website to enable or disable all cookies, or to notify you if a cookie is stored on your computer or other devices. Web browsers are all different, therefore, we suggest that you consult the “Help” menu of your search engine to modify cookie settings. Please kindly note, however, that, and their subpages are designed to use cookies. Thus, disabling them might have effects on the use of the webpage and might prevent you from enjoying all the advantages provided by the webpage.


Essential Cookies

Their purpose is to make sure that visitors can browse the webpage, use its functions, and the services available to a maximal degree and in as smooth a manner as possible. This kind of cookies expires with the end of the session. With closing the browser, essential cookies are automatically deleted from the computer or other devices used for browsing.


Third Party Cookies, and their subpages apply cookies by a third party, namely Google Analytics. The Google Analytics statistics service collects information on how visitors of the and webpages use the sites. Data gained are used to develop the webpage, and improve user experience. These cookies will be stored on your computer or other devices used for browsing until their expiry or until you delete them.

Google Analytics provides further opportunities for you to unsubscribe from the Google Analytics services. You may find it    here.

For more information on the data processing and protection policies of the Antall József Knowledge Centre, please consult the data protection document available on the     webpage.