Lucia Husenicová

University of Banská Bystica

I am currently working at the Department of security studies of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia as a lecturer. At the same time, I am a research fellow and a member of the board of Central European Institute of Asian Studies in Bratislava. I finished my PhD in 2009 by successfully defending a dissertation thesis titled “North Korea as a Geopolitical Pivot”.

As for the lecturing activities, I am teaching courses primarily within M.A. study program in International relations and in Security studies. One of the courses focus on evolution and importance of international relations theories, second course deals with the strategic thoughts and strategic culture of superpowers. In addition, I am teaching a course on Regional security focused on the East Asian region and its security dynamics. All my classes are available in English language.

As for my research, I am looking at the development and critical analysis of existing theoretical concepts in IR, in particular the concept of state and state sovereignty in changing environment of international relations. In addition, I focus on the specifics of North Korean political system and its impacts on North Korean foreign policy as well as relations of North Korea to relevant regional actors and the effects on regional security environment

I am a member of Central and Eastern European Centre for Asian Studies, Budapest, Hungary and Korea-Europe Next Generation Policy Expert Network, London, UK.

In the past I participated in different internships and conducted research visits at several institutions in different countries: United National University – Comparative Regional Integration Studies in Bruges, Belgium, Sogang University in Seoul as a Korean Foundation fellow, Lanzhou University in Lanzhou China, Chinese Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, China.

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